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If you’re on the hunt for african dresses, a dashiki or any other African clothing item, you’ve come to the right place. Based in Denmark, we produce both unique and custom made textile products with African print. Our clients range from men to women looking for that unique set or aesthetic expressions at home. To us, each tailor project is a new opportunity to design something new and original and to ensure our clients are satisfied with everything we deliver.

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The diverse African heritage can be best exemplified in clothing.

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Who We Are 

The majority of our goods come from the small country of Togo in West Africa. With a population of about 10 million - just over 1 million of whom live in the country's capital: Lomé. Togo is located between Ghana and Nigeria. We have a large family in Togo who make sure to produce the different products we have in the store. This way, we keep both the sewing machines and the whole family going. The collaboration creates growth in the area for seamstresses, their families and the local area by e.g. improving families' living conditions overall.

Despite its small size and geographical location, Togo is known for its large presence on the African fashion scene. Despite the Eurocentric beauty stands, African Wax prints and colorful ensembles have held on. In Togo, clothes are not just something that covers the body, it is a way of life and a way of expression. The proof of this, of course, is all the wonderful different products we have at Afrika Clothing. 


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